The Pinhole Podcast Episode 2 – Paper, Film and Digital


Episode 2 of the Pinhole Podcast has landed! This month’s topic covers the materials used in pinhole photography; we talk briefly about paper, say a LOT about film, and share our warm, fuzzy thoughts on digital pinholes.

Before delving into materials, Jana talks about the upcoming Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day: Sunday April 27. This great event celebrates lensless photography, and you can find a list of global events at this link. Two involve members of our very own podcast team:

1. Alex is co-hosting a photo walk on WPPD in Amsterdam. He invites you to join in on the fun. Being the git that he is, Alex attempts to downplay expectations. Hogwash, it’s gonna be a blast.

2. Stateside, Seattle’s Glazer’s Camera is holding its 2nd annual Pinhole Photo Contest, which our Jana is co-judging. This year’s themes are People and Places. Submissions are due by Friday April 11, 2014.

We mentioned the music video for London Grammar’s “Wasting My Young Years”, shot using a homemade pinhole bullet-cam film rig. You will hear us mention it from time to time…it’s a beautiful video by most standards and EPIC by pinhole standards. The behind-the-scenes making of video is fascinating to watch, too.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t address Shelly’s near-death experience during the show. Thankfully she survived and is on the path to a full recovery. We urge you to send positive thoughts her way during this trying time.

That sums it up for the show! Thanks for listening, and as always we’d love to hear from y’all. Send your comments and questions to us via Twitter at @pinholepodcast, or our Facebook page Pinhole Podcast.

Featured image by Pinhole Podcast host Shelly Sometimes.

Episode 2 Music: “About a left-eyed photographer,” by Lonely Faction used under Creative Commons license.

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