The Pinhole Podcast Episode 3 – Obscura Book in Berlin


We’ve got a special episode of the Pinhole Podcast for you! Episode 3 takes us all the way to Berlin for the Obscura Book show. Herschel, Alex, and Jeff all have photography featured in the book, and we are quite proud of our guys.

From their website, “‘OBSCURA – 121 Views’ is a community project. The book reflects the diverse spectrum of modern pinhole photography.” To celebrate the launch of the book, Obscura had a gallery show in Berlin, and Alex was in attendance! The next day, he had a chance to take a photowalk with some of the show attendees and talk to them about their work, why and how they shoot pinhole, and a variety of other topics.

It’s always a great opportunity to get to pick another photographer’s brain, if you will, when it comes to their processes. To get to hear from five of them (six including Alex) was a rare treat! Great tips are plentiful in this episode, and we are grateful to the following photographers for sharing their time and talents with us:

James Cathcart: (Openworkstudio)
Markus Kaesler:
Jozef Pajersky:
Lucas Kastelijn:
Larissa Honsek:

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Featured image by Alex Yates

Music for Episode 3 includes:

“No Love Song,” by Berlinist, is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.

US Army Band playing the German National Anthem:

Clouds by Huma Huma from the You Tube Audio Library:


  1. says

    Alex, very good interviews with the five exhibiting pinholers. It’s interesting to me to hear how other photographers get into pinholes, why they choose to use pinholes, and the equipment they elect to use. The diversity of pinhologists and their artwork is wonderful and always amazes me.

    I am waiting, somewhat impatiently for my copy of the Obscura 121 Views book, so that I can see all the other pinhole images! :)

    aka “art y fotos”


  1. […] Náš ”überpünktlich” príchod z piatku sme v sobotu ráno pri príchode na spoločnú prechádzku Berlínom už nedokázali zopakovať. Oslava vydania knihy v malom útulnom bare s typickou berlínskou underground miestnosťou, niekoľko spontánnych a nepredvídateľných rozhodnutí ústiacich do návštevy  klubu, o ktorom sa na nete píše ako o jednom z najlepších v Berlíne. To sú dôvody, ktoré nám v tom zabránili. Našťastie nás spolupinholisti počkali a spoločne sme za slnečného počasia prechádzali uličkami Kreuzbergu. Debatovali sme, trochu fotili a Alex nahrával rozhovory pre svoj podcast. (Vypočujte si tu). […]

  2. […] We were not so ”überpünktlich” on Saturday morning when coming to the little walk in Kreuzberg. Little things like celebrating the book opening in really nice bar with berlin-style room and then few other unpredictable and spontaneous decisions which led us into one of the best clubs in Berlin (according to quick internet research afterwards), caused our delay. Luckilly, other pinholers waited for us and together we enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather by walking, talking, taking pictures and having a good time.  Alex even made interviews for his podcast (Listen here). […]

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